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MGMT 527 Liberty University Bullying Behavior Culture Analysis


The student will assess and analyze organizations that experience abusive or bullying behavior within the last 5 years in this assignment. This assessment can take the form of direct observation and review or by investigating available research. Students may access and analyze any present employer, past employer, church, school, or another organization involved in a bullying behavior culture. The created assessment must be specific in pointing out the abusive behavior and with exact steps and recommendations.


The student (plays the consultant’s role in this assignment) will create an organizational assessment focusing on organizations that demonstrate now or in the past abusive and bullying behavior. The written assessment should determine if an organization has abusive or bullying behavior.  The consultant is writing to the organization’s management to describe the behaviors, actions, and abusive events and give steps of action in changing culture.  This assessment focuses on behaviors and documented examples of abusive behavior. 

Recommendations should not be included in Part 1 of this section but are part of Part 2. The Part 1 assignment’s length is 4-5 pages, not counting the title or reference section. All formatting must follow the current APA style.Part 2The second part of the paper maintains the student’s role as a consultant and focuses on handling abusive leadership and bullying behavior.  

The Part 2 assignment’s length is 4-5 pages, not counting the title or reference section.  Compare and contrast findings from current scholarly research.  All recommendations must include scholarly analysis and synthesis with research.  Follow current APA format with 8 total references for the entire assignment (4 of which must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals) in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. Both assignments are turned in as one assignment and in one document.  

Place both Part 1 and Part 2 into one Word document, but Part 1 and 2 must have clear distinction in the document.


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