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MGT 211 SEU Impact of Job Dissatisfaction on the Attrition Rate of a Company Paper

Assignment Workload: 

This      Assignment comprise of a short Case.

  • Assignment is      to be submitted by each student individually.
  • Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of Assignment three students will able to understand the following LOs:

  • LO5: To have the ability to carry out objective and scientific analysis of employees’ performance management.

LO6: To be able to identify and describe the needs of the parties involved in labour relations, and how these needs are balanced.

Read the case given and answer the questions:

“Ibraheem’s arrival brought hope that Play Win  could make the transition into the digital age and move from a ‘has been’ to a ‘relevant’ player,” Nasell , CIO of Converse  Research, told The National Daily. 

However, Hamza’s challenge is to inspire the company to regain the IT bellwether status once again, a position it lost due to the lack of innovation and growing competition in the sector. 

One of the first moves taken by Hamza was doing away with the formal dress code for its employees. The employees were free to wear jeans and T-shirts instead of attending the office in formals with ties. 

“Play Win needed a dressing down,” said a Play Win employee, referring to a change in dressing policy. Many internal processes related to employees had also been made simple. A female employee seeking extension of maternity leave could just inform the manager through mail, without giving any “verbal explanations.” 

  • Also, the complex procedure an employee had to undergo while applying for a transfer to other location was simplified. The company also “institutionalized family events of its employees including carnivals for their children.” The company motivated its employees to take part in decision-making process at “many levels.” And the CEO constantly communicated with employees through blogs, town halls and social media, besides giving prompt replies to employee issues posted on Balm, the company’s communication platform.

“He participates in conversations, and joins groups of his interest. And we are encouraged to learn from each other,” said Fatima, a Play Win employee, according to the News Daily. 

Owing partly to the initiatives taken by Hamza, the company was able to reduce its attrition rate, once the highest in the industry, to 14.2% in the June quarter from 23.4% in the same period of the previous year. 

One of the key changes brought in by Hamza were seeking more “employee engagement” in generating ideas for the company. He rolled out a programme called Help Us, targeted at “crowd-sourcing ideas from employees.” About 26,000 employees took part in the initiative, sharing 2,650 ideas. The company had shortlisted ten ideas for execution based on employee voting.

  • “Ibraheem had shared a simple template that anyone — from any function, however junior or senior — could use to bring in innovation to anything he/she did. Suddenly, innovation is no big deal. It feels great to know that we are in some way part of a great renaissance at Play Win. From being simple 9-to-5ers, we’ve become people on a mission,” said Play Win employee Hajra.

Assignment Questions:Marks: 05

Q1. What were the reasons of job dissatisfaction which led to the high attrition rate at Play Win according to your opinion? (2.5 Marks)

Q2. What suggestions would you like to give to the company to reduce the high attrition rate? (2.5 Marks)






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