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MGT 320 Rhode Island College Human Resource Management Discussion

five textbook chapters (12, 13, 14, and 7/9), wrote down the most essential things, and then narrowed it down to a final list of 4 questions. You must answer three of four.

1.What can we learn from Expectancy Theory and Agency Theory when designing compensation systems? Make sure to describe each theory and its implications for compensation design. In class, we discussed several compensation programs to incentivize high performance, some of which were individual or collective. Describe one individual and one collective pay-for-performance program. Be sure to define each and review their strengths and limitations.

2.Employee benefits are a substantial component of employee pay. Review two reasons employee benefits become such a significant part of the compensation system (hint: we covered five in class). Employer-based health care has become the single most expensive benefit. How much do Americans pay for health care compared to other countries? How does that compare to healthcare outcomes such as infant mortality and life expectancy? (Hint: See Chapter 13, Table 13.6). Review 3 techniques that companies are using to control to reduce their costs.

You may also find this 20-minute video on “Medicare for All” by John Oliver informative and interesting:

(John Oliver is a comedian, and there is coarse language in this video).

3.Describe and explain the trends in union membership. For example, have unions become more or less common over time, and why? Describe at least three of the tactics that some organizations can use to make it more difficult for unions to be successful, and then analyze how effective these tactics appear. Do you believe these tactics are crossing the line into unfair or illegal practices based on your reading? Finally, based on the data presented in the textbook, how beneficial does union membership appear to be on average.

4.Read chapters 7 and 9 (Training & Development). Briefly describe the three types of needs assessment (person, task, organization). Describe at least three things required to ensure transfer of training. Describe and contrast the differences between training and development. Finally, describe how job experience can be used to enhance development.


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