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MGT 377 A Good Person Pressured to Do Bad Things Case Study

Read the Betty Vinson case, posted in ‘Readings & Cases’. Create a thread with your responses to the three case questions. Next, reply with a substantive comment to at least one other student’s post. Remember to both create a thread and substantively reply to at least one other post. ‘Substantive’ means adding your insights to your fellow poster’s answers, i.e., more than writing “I agree completely.” One well-written paragraph per question should be sufficient for your original post. Writing quality always counts in MGT 377. Write formally, using complete sentences. Proofread carefully and use the spellcheck feature before posting.


Ms.Vinson likely yielded to her bosses’ unethical demands because she felt like she had to, even though she had doubts about the situtation. She might have been afraid of what others would think if she did not meet the demands of her boss. If she did not go along with her bosses’ plans to change the accounting entries to meet the profit target, her reputation within the company might have been damaged. She was probably worried that if she didn’t go along with her bosses’ demands that she would get punished or fired.

Ms.Vinson probably felt like she had to go along with the plans the next time too. She probably felt loyalty for her company and wanted to help the company succeed. Instead of going along with the requests after learning that she was violationg policies, she should have talked to her boss about it. If her boss had a problem with her refusal to enhance the reports, she should have left.

I do not think that Ms.Vinson should face criminal charges for her actions. She should have been reprimanded for her wrong-doings, but facing criminal charges is a little too far. More serious actions should be taken with Ms.Vinson’s supervisor instead. 


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