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Miami Dade College Literature The Relationship Between Culture and Gender Essay

We spent several weeks discussing gender; I’d like you to consider, culturally speaking, what position gender has in society, primarily in the United States, but not limited to this country (i.e. you can use some examples from other cultures/countries). Is there a disparity between males and females? Are there defined roles that men and women are expected to follow?

Be sure to use references/quotes (at least 3) to support your views from the works we’ve shared in class:  But I’m a Cheerleader, “Trifles,” and “No Name Woman”

Follow MLA guidelines – refer to handout if unsure. 

If MLA guidelines not followed, points will be deducted

2-3 page essay – typed, double spaced

Please note that many students in LIT 2480 have been writing essays as analysis essays, while others have created autobiographies.  So, I decided to write this little explanation to help you with future essays.

LIT 2480 is one of the choices for the 3rd communications requirement for graduation. If you remember back to ENC 1101, that was an expository writing class. You wrote essays based on the narrative, descriptive, argument genres.  In ENC 1102, you learned analysis of literature. You were asked to look at different components of any given piece of literature. I’m sure you saw a difference in the types of essays you wrote for 1101 and 1102. LIT 2480 goes beyond that; there is no expository writing, there is no analysis of works, at this level we ask that you think critically about issues posed to you.  I asked for each of you to DISCUSS the assignment topic and to use your own examples and those from the book as short EXAMPLES. 

Please refrain from analyzing the stories/poems/plays or writing the whole essay saying “In my family….” “I was raised …”  Use the book and your own experience very limitedly. Actually think through what the questions are that are being asked and discuss your reaction, thoughts in regards to those questions.  Don’t ignore any of the questions or parts of the topic. Address EACH and EVERY question in each topic.  


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