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Miami Dade College Waters Journey The Hidden Rivers of Florida Essay

A. Watch the video as titled above; note, the three links provided encompass the whole video divided into three parts. Answer each question as thoroughly as possible. In addition to the video, your textbook (Chaps. 13 and 21) will be helpful in properly answering these questions. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Select “Create Thread” first, then paste/type your answers. Your answers should be in your own words after having watched the video and reading other sources of information for reference, such as your textbook. Post your answers to these questions before responding to classmates’ posts. Note: your initial post, to these questions, must be posted first, in chronological order, before your response posts.

1. What is meant by “Swiss cheese” relating to the Floridan Aquifer?

2. Name at least two specific ways in which water is input into the aquifer system and describe how and why (or not) each input is filtered upon entering the aquifer system.?

3. Of the eight (8) categories of water pollutants discussed in Chap. 21 of your text, name three (3) this video mentions/discusses.

4. What are the sources and potential effects of the three (3) water pollutants stated above?

5. Name three (3) best management practices the agricultural industries of Florida undergo to help protect Florida ’s water resources?

6. Briefly describe how the underground cave and cavern systems formed?

7. Why is water within the aquifer system (when conditions are suitable) extremely clear?

8. What effect does development, through erecting buildings and concrete pavement, have on the recharge of aquifers and the quality of the water?

9. Name three (3) things individuals can do to help conserve water and maintain a high quality of the resource?

10. Briefly describe how is wastewater sewage treated and what is the end result in regards to the quality of the water?

11. How can species, such as cave crayfish, be an indicator of water quality?

12. What is a spring?


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