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Middle East College Database Administration XML Element Function

Learning Outcomes:

1) Manage database instances and database storage

2) Work with Distributed Databases

3) Manage database network (client/ server) connections using Database Net Services

Assignment Objective:

The objective is to enable the student to work on a relational database server and involve in creating, securing and maintaining of objects needed for databases. Hence, student’s ability to think and engage with the topic is tested.

Task 1 –

SQL/XML is an extension to the SQL standard that specifies SQL-based extensions for using XML in conjunction with SQL,

a. Explore XMLElement() to Generate Nested XML Document with appropriate code and explanation.

b. Explore XMLElement() to Generate XML document containing an elements with its attribute on some specific condition with appropriate code and explanation.


– Please ensure that the names of all table, elements, attributes must have my student ID at the end like Order_09F4972.

Task 2 –

Write a detailed reflection on “Comparison of NoSQL and SQL Databases in the Cloud”. You can include some more resources for building up your reflection. The web link to a research paper “Comparison of NoSQL and SQL Databases in the Cloud” is given in the college Moodle web page (hyperlink of the research article is given below):


– The given research paper is for your reference only and your answer should not be limited to this paper only. You may refer various other resources and provided references for the same. Do not simply copy and paste the information from the research papers or any other resource.

– The solution for the task-3 must be given in your own words with relevant examples not exceeding 500 words.

Task 3 –

“A flashback query is used to retrieve the committed data as it was at a past point in time”. Demonstrate this feature with proper code and explanation in your own words not exceeding 500 words.

*** In Task 1 Please ensure that the names of all table, elements, attributes must have my student ID at the end like Order 09F4972.


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