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Miles per Gallon Comparison for 2016 & 2021 Hybrid Vehicles Analytical Review

Need help improving the answers on each section. answers need to be a
minimum of 1 paragraph. There are 2 pages, it need to be 4 pages long

A. Miles per Gallon Comparison for 2016 & 2021 Hybrid Vehicles

there a significant difference in the average combined miles per gallon
of 2016 hybrid cars and 2021 hybrid cars? That was the question posed
that initiated the data driven solution. When customers go to a car
dealership to purchase a fuel efficient vehicle, they are presented with
the options of buying a new or used vehicle. This statiscal analysis
will simplify that decision with assigning a number to the thirty most
efficient 2016 & 2011 vehicles in the market. The comparison will be
soley on availability and gas consumption per miles.

B1. Describe the relevant data you collected

collection samples are the top thirty fuel efficient 2016 and 2021
hybrid vehicles in the U.S. market. The vehicles are ranked by fuel
efficiency in terms of combined city and highway miles per gallon. The
main source for the data gathering was the government
website. The information gathered is for vehicle classified as hybrids
that operates with a gas and an electric motor. The data gathered is
based on a simple premise, “new hybrid vs. used hybrid”, which one
provides the financial benefit? 1. Describe an appropriate analysis
technique that you used to analyze the data

2 sample t-test.

C2. Include the output and any calculations of the analysis you performed

Total MPG 1141 Total MPG 1404

Divided by 30 Samples 30 Divided by 30 Samples 30

Total Combined MPG for 2016 Vehicles 38.03 Total Combined MPG for 2021 Vehicles 46.8

C3. Justify why you chose this analysis technique

2-sample t-test provides a simple process and a direct comparison
between the vehicle groups. It generates the average of the combines
miles per gallon for the top 30 vehicles of the selected years.

D1. Discuss the results of your data analysis

t-stat vs t-critical

D2. Discuss the limitation(s) of your data analysis.

don’t know each individuals budget to narrow or specify the samples by
budget. We could have measured the fuel efficiency by passenger capacity
or vehicle type. The electric cars were not part of the analysis due.
Vehicle price, used vehicle miles that impact the needed maintenance

D3. Recommend a course of action based on your results.

2021 vehicles are more fuel efficient that 2016 cars. Recommend to buy a
newer hybrid vehicle compared to an older model. The results showed
that newer models provide better mileage per gallon. The 2021 vehicles
will be more expense but that cost can be offset by the maintenance
expense incurred in the 2016 model.



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