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Military Missions Questions

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Answer the following 10 questions with a “short answer” by your words don’t copy and paste from any website please:

1. Thomas Stafford wanted to be a military pilot but attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis instead of attending the U.S. Air Force Academy. Why did he not attend the Air Force Academy?

2. The Stafford Air and Space Museum is one of the few places on the Earth where it is possible to view an actual sample of the Moon. From which Apollo mission was this sample returned, and was General Stafford the one who collected it?

3. The model of the Wright Flyer is one of the most exact replicas in existence. And the SASM is the ONLY place to see two very special pieces of the REAL Wright Flyer. What are these real pieces, who gave it to the Museum, and where is the remarkable place these authentic pieces traveled?

4. The F-1 Rocket Engine is one of the most powerful engines ever produced by humans. What was the primary mission for these powerful engines, and what was their equated horsepower?

5. An amazing exhibit is the Titan II missile, to be found against the far back wall. The Titan II was used for two specific tasks. One task was military, the other civilian. Generally speaking,

what were these tasks? For what two general purposes were the Titan II missiles used?

6. Which space missions did General Stafford fly, what was his rank and assignment for each? Example: Apollo 57, Lieutenant General, Mission Specialist

7. Find the V-2 (A-4) rocket engine. What was the purpose of the V-2? Where were these engines originally made?

8. Why are there so many pieces from the Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov? What is Alexi Leonov’s connection to General Stafford?

9. The American Space Program and NASA have direct connections with SWOSU. How are SWOSU and NASA connected?

10. One of the most rare and important exhibits is the actual Gemini VI Command Module. Why did Gemini VI (6) launch AFTER Gemini VII (7)? Think about this one. Why did Gemini 7 launch BEFORE Gemini 6 – but counting #6 comes before #7?


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