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Minnesota State University Mankato Lesions Book Questions

1.On pages 116 and 117, we find out that babies are “created” in part by parents telling geneticists what they want their children to look like. If this creation process were to have happened to you, what ways would your life be different? (at least 4 sentences please)

2.On page 143, Titus explains to us that Violet has a process for getting enjoyment out of life that involves delaying gratification. Do you think the instant gratification of our wants and needs increases or decreases our enjoyment? Why? (at least 3 sentences please)

3.In the chapter called “nudging again” on pages 151-156, Titus tells us about another “dream.” Something is also happening to Violet in this passage. What do you think is happening to Titus and Violet in this chapter? (at least 4 sentences please)

4.On page 159, Quendy admits to wearing clothing from the “Kent State Collection.” A quick dig into history tells us that the Kent State Shootings occurred in 1970 on a college campus much like ours. The Ohio State Guard opened fire on unarmed college students who were protesting the U.S.’s mass bombing of Cambodia (a neutral country) during the Vietnam War. Four students died and nine more were wounded, which elicited school strikes of 4 million college and high school students around the country. What do you think Anderson is saying when he takes this historical event and turns it into a fashion statement for the novel’s characters? (at least 3 sentences please)

5.When Quendy gets her artificial lesions, Violet says, “The only thing worse than the thought it may all come tumbling down is the thought that we may go on like this forever” (193). What do you think Violet is talking about? Why do you think she is so depressed or hopeless about her current world? (at least 4 sentences please)

6.On page 202, Violet loses her temper with the others and says, “Look at us! You don’t have the feed! You are feed! You’re feed! You’re being eaten! You’re raised for food! Look at what you’ve made yourselves!” What do you think Violet means by this? (at least 3 sentences please


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