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MKT University of the Cumberlands Week 9 Advantage of Censorship Discussion

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The governments and people are often known not to be seeing eye-to-eye in consideration of the aspect of censorship. In many countries, the process of censorship is being justified saying that it is being done for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the society. In addition, the actions that are done in the name of censorship are often promoted in the form of propaganda for the purpose of gaining the support of the general public. But, it is important to understand the impact censorship can have in relation to the business environment, as many businesses are relying upon the services of the internet to handle their promotions. The concepts that were introduced in the study represent that there are two major factors that are to be adequately addressed by the companies for the purpose of handling the impacts of censorship.

The promotions that are made by the businesses in recent years are known to have the potential to get banned in different countries, as they often seem to cross the boundaries in the name of innovation. In addition, the companies are provided with a unique opportunity to interact with a global market. So, the companies will be required to consider the expectations of different countries before conducting the promotional activities. Also, in order to consider the expectations of different countries and their laws, a business has to pull in extra support that will end up costing the company in a considerable way. These are the two primary factors that are to be properly analyzed by the businesses in relation to censorship procedures.

The internet is found to be of great help in the process of censorship, as it offers an easy and effective solution with respect to the process. Government organizations and agencies are found to utilize the benefits of centralization for the purpose of enforcing their beliefs and expectations. For example, a tweet that is considered offensive by a particular country might get censored in the mentioned country, or also the other countries, even though the tweet might just have been a criticism that was addressed in a proper way. These kinds of censorships are possible only with databases that utilize a centralized server that controls all the functional aspects of a particular platform. But, blockchain systems are especially known for their decentralized nature, and therefore, companies can equip use of blockchain systems to exhibit their freedom of speech without being censored by the governments. But, with the help of the technology of blockchains, centralized control is effectively eliminated, as it operates in a decentralized manner. It is also known that the information that enters a blockchain system may not be completely deleted out of existence.

The use of blockchain systems in business goes far beyond the marketing potentials of the systems. But, in this particular case, it is required to consider the business utilities of the mentioned systems. With the help of blockchain systems, the companies were able to reduce the cost of marketing procedures in a considerable way.


Kis, D. (2018). Censorship/Self Censorship. Index On Censorship, 15(1), 43-45.


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