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MOD 1 Leadership Method Is a Style that Leaders Use Discussion

Module One Discussion:

Hello All,

I would like to share some experiences I’ve had with different leaders that have made an impact on my life and my future as well. One individual in particular is a Chief of Police in Connecticut. This individual is a true leader. This Chief truly cares about all of the members of his town and also his officers. This Chief takes the time to listen to each and every person he meets. He truly cares about people’s feelings and what they have to say. I’ve personally witnessed how this man’s respect and poise has lead him to this position and watched the troops rally behind him. When I think of a leader I think of this Chief who is loved by all and has full support from everyone for many reasons.

I’ve learned from this Chief, and also my father, to always treat people with respect. Whether the interaction you are having with someone, positive or negative, you must be respectful at all times. In addition to being respectful, it is best to be completely honest with people and not sugarcoat things.

Some things I would incorporate into a leadership training program would be the ability to be extremely flexible and listen to new ideas. Throughout my life experience I’ve seen many managers and leaders that refused to listen to their employees. They ultimately struggled because they did not show they cared about their workers opinions. This can be extremely detrimental to the morale and operations of a company. The more important aspect is the ability to be flexible. In today’s Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) state, being flexible and the ability to adapt to abrupt changes can make or break you. In the readings it mentions that managers are typically managing the day to day operations and maintaining status quo. On the other hand true and affective leaders are always looking for the next move. Leaders are preparing for change, creating new visions, and progress.

Your responses agree or disagree should show that you have given thought to what the original post said. They should also push the conversation forward, offering insights or (if necessary) asking clarifying questions. While responding, please consider the following questions:

  • Is leadership style a binary choice, i.e., one or the other? Or do all leaders have a mixture of both styles to some degree?
  • Think about the worst leaders you have observed or worked for. What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned from their poor leadership traits?


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