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Modesto Junior College Nursing Personal Introduction Essay

For your first assignment introduce yourself and tell a bit about your background. APA format.

  • In a two a page paper response answer the following questions. Two pages minimum requirement.
  • What do you currently do? 
  • What experience do you have in the medical filed? (It is O.K. if you have no previous experience!)
  • Are you employed or are you a full time student? 
  • What are your goals after you graduate from nursing school? 
  • What do you think are necessary qualities for an effective and efficient nurse?

I currently work for my family’s business. My dad owns a laser precision sheet metal shop. We do fabrication, CNC machining, precision laser cutting, welding, and programming. My brothers and my dad are the ones operating the machines and making metal parts ready for customers. My job is to deliver to the customers. I deliver mostly in the central valley and will commute to the bay area for most of the week to deliver to customers as well. I also do all the office work for the business. I send out invoices to customers, collect checks, input bills into Quickbooks, pay bills, file, put together packing slips, and make schedules. 

I took an ROP class in high school which gave me the opportunity to become a CNA after I graduated and worked as a CNA for almost 2 years at a Nursing home. 

I am a full time student and was working full time for our family business until I started LVN school. I am now working part-time at work so I can focus on school.

My goal as a nurse is to first start as an LVN so I can get a better understanding of the health care field and have more knowledge before becoming a Registered Nurse. Once I become an LVN, I will work at a facility for about a year before applying for my BSN at a university. After I receive my BSN, I will apply for my master’s degree in nursing. I want to become a nurse practitioner because I want to be able to see patients on my own to ensure they are getting the best care they will ever receive. I want to make sure I thoroughly know each patient’s history and the best available form of treatment to offer. 


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