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Moorpark College Geology Structure of the Yosemite National Park Discussion

Write a paper on one of the National Parks in your state. If your state does not have a National Park, then pick one from another state.

For this paper, you are to research and report on the following:

Location: You must include a map showing where your park is and state how to get there – either by air, then from airport to park; or by car.

Main attractions: What is this national park most famous for; what are its most valued resources?

History: When and why was the park established?

Landscape/topographic features: Describe the topography or landforms, natural setting; of the park.

Climate: Provide major climate setting, seasons, accessibility of park.

Geology: What is the basic geology in your park?  One of the main points of the essay:

Dominant rock types

How are these rocks classified?

Be specific. For example, the dinosaurs in Dinosaur National Park are within clastic sedimentary rocks so don’t describe chemical sedimentary rocks

Tectonic setting. Describe the geologic conditions produced these rocks. For example, Mt. Rainier is the result of Juan de Fuca plate subducting under the North American plate.

Everything Else: Each of these parks has several unique features of interest.  These could include unusual plant communities, historic events, famous viewpoints, popular visitor activities, etc.

Where to start your research:

  1. Web sites: National Park Service (Links to an external site.)

Go to the Menu bar and choose “Find a Park”, then Navigate to your assigned park, using the map or the alphabetic list. Also be sure to visit the “Explore Nature” (and the “Science and Research” sub link), “Educators” and “Discover History” links from the main nps page because they contain useful information for each park (Geology, Water, etc).

  1. Web site: California State Park (Links to an external site.): Go to “Find a Park” or find it through a general search.


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