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Motivation in Students Data Analysis Discussion

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

There are 3 student discussion boards. Please respond to each individually. I will also upload the graph.

1. The graph shows that the student has enough days to find the trend and the
means. According to data that was collected from 2/9 to 2/18 it shows the current
mean at 44% and the trend is decelerating. The student’s criteria for targeted
skill is at 80% for 3 consecutive days. The student has not met their targeted
skill. Additionally, prior data showed that the student’s mean was at 34% and was
at a flat, and even though the mean appears to have accelerated to 44%, the
trend is decelerating, which means the student needs modifications to improve
motivation by reinforcing stimulus. This occur with maybe giving him a break in
between each response. (e.g. write name, take a 2 minute break or write name
give treat or candy that he likes to keep him motivated to work.

2.Hi All,
I reviewed the data above for our student, Jason Jones. (funny, I have a friend with that
Data: there is sufficient data for this student/goal as there is 8 data points.
Breaks: student was absent for a few days, but there were no breaks for more than 2
Mean: 44%
Trend: Decelerating – see attached photo for drawing of trend.
Mastered: student has not mastered this goal. criteria is 80% for 3 consecutive days.
Progress: student has made some progress with this goal.
Decision: no change. continue with current plan. I chose this because the mean did
increase, even though only by 10% and in the first set of data and the note from 2/9 it
states to “continue with increased motivation”. Motivation was already targeted.
*I will attach my trend line photo shortly. Scanner is down*

3. Hello all!
I initially miscalculated the mean and trend line because I was counting February 9th as
a data point for the second decision. After further analysis however, I realized my
mistake and corrected my trend line as can be seen in the attached pdf.
The graph meets the prerequisite skills
Sufficient Data: Yes, there are 8 data points, surpassing the minimum required and
allowing for the 8 opportunities to respond. Additionally, the task was set at 20 steps,
surpassing the minimum of 8 steps.
Data breaks: No, a data break constitutes four or more consecutive days. (there is a
break for holiday and student absence, but that does not constitute a break in data)
Progress made: yes, progress seems to be variable when looking at the various data
points and there was an increase of 10% in the mean
Mastery: No, mastery was set at 80% independence for 3 consecutive days, which was
not achieved.
Mean: 44%
Trend Line: Deceleratiing
Decision: The above information would lead me to conclude that there is a motivation
problem occurring and that we must improve motivation through reinforcement. This
instructional change decision was made because the 10% increase in mean indicate
that some progress has been taking place, therefore not making it possible to
categorize this under the inadequate or no progress decisions.
Specific verbal praise is identified as the reinforcer, but perhaps is not occurring with
fidelity or is simply not reinforcing for Jason. It also appears that he only gets specific
verbal praise, thinned for generalization, only for independent responses. My decision
would be to increase reinforcement for each step, regardless of the prompt level used to
correctly complete each step.
I’m interested to read what you all have come up with, I definitely had tons of ideas on
what type of decision and the justification I would provide for each.


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