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Mount Vernon Nazarene University Week 4 Resurrection Evidence Reading Journal Essay

Week 4 Discussion

By Cassy Butts

I believe the gospels that lead her to this statement would be a lot from the book of Mathews, it is filled with guidance form Jesus. He teaches us what we need to do against all tribulations and what the right path we need to take in life to see the kingdom of God. He warns us about all the false prophets that we will come up against. Jesus also discusses that in this world we will face temptations, hunger and persecution for believing in him and proclaiming him to society. Jesus promises us as he did his disciples on Mount Olives that if we stand with him and for him we may not see the rewards in this life but in eternity. I believe what is going on around us this very day and for generations to come is exactly as she states “social issues confronting me “Jesus warned us in the gospels of this evilness of the world we see. So I do agree with her statement in the way I interrupted.

The “social issues “I see and can recognize many issues that Jesus warned us about in the bible. If you stayed in your house and never left, but had T.V. or any kind of social media you would see how corrupted this world is and how ungodly it is without even going out in society. Everything is about how it “makes you feel “not about how we need to love Gods people or helping thy neighbor or what it is to feel good in the Lord. Instead of taking God out of everything we need to put his word out there more. Everyone seems to be idolizing other people or material things instead of keeping focus on God. There is no truth in hardly anything you watch or hear. As a Christian I believe I try hard to respond by not allowing myself to be around or condone any of it, and pass his light and his way on to generations to come. I pray for the world and for Gods people to bring his word and salvation to as many souls as we can for his Kingdom. I try very hard not to be a judgmental person and try to believe there is good in everyone, but I also have the holy spirt in me who tells me when to remove myself from evil. I believe the ultimate thing we can as Christians do in today’s society is stand as the disciples did and spread his word and be a mighty pillar for God and show his grace and mercy to all his creations . John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, the life”.


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