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MPH 610 Ashford University Teen Pregnancy Among Hispanic Teens Discussion

In this discussion, your task is to identify a specific population problem and the key factors influencing its conditions. One place you may consider looking is your own community, to find out what some of the unmet needs are.

According to the CDC (2013), “Disparities exist when differences in health outcomes or health determinants are observed between populations. The terms health disparities and health inequalities are often used interchangeably” (para1-2). Health disparities and inequalities are gaps in health or health determinates between segments of the population. Achieving health equity, the elimination health discrepancies, improving the health of all Americans are the overarching goals to improve and protect the nation’s health.

Consider the following health disparities:

  • Mortality (e.g. drug-induced deaths, infant mortality, homicide, motor vehicle deaths, and suicide)
  • Morbidity (e.g. asthma, tuberculosis, periodontist, obesity, human immunodeficiency virus [HIV], preterm birth, and diabetes)
  • Behavioral (e.g. binge drinking, adolescent birth, and cigarette smoking)
  • Environmental Hazards (e.g. living near major highways, high risk occupation, work related death)
  • Social Determinates of Health (e.g. unemployment, not completing high school, living below the federal poverty line, heathier food, and retailer nearby)

The problem then translates into a need that demands to be satisfied. Imagine that you a member of a non-profit organization and consider how your organization can meet that need if funding is obtained. Begin to develop your proposal idea with this goal in mind.

To improve health in your community you will research and collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders. Collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders adds creditability to your project in the eyes of your community. One of the greatest places to start is with family and friends. Your family and friends may see emerging needs in your community that you might have missed.

For this discussion you will choose one (1) of the following free online mapping and brain storming websites to complete your discussion: SpiderScribe (Links to an external site.), Smartdraw (Links to an external site.), Mindmeister (Links to an external site.), or (Links to an external site.).

Visit the site and create a personal profile. Ensure that you record your username and password so that you are able to log in and share your map with your peers. Use your selected program above for the creation of your mapping and brain storming. Once you complete your online mapping, you will want to share it with your peers by selecting “share public.” Once you receive the link, place it in your discussion forum.

In your mapping discussion include the following:

  • The name of the problem statement?
  • What is the problem?
  • Provide some data of the need.
  • Indicate your Population by (race or ethnicity)
  • What is the age of your chosen population?
  • What is the education of your chosen population?
  • Where do they reside?

Please see the “Problem Statement (Links to an external site.)” mind map to create your own mind map of your problem statement. Give your problem statement a name.


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