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MRU Patient Safety and Quality Research Design Discussion

Instructions: Read about the Schipper and colleagues study of the Smartforms application (discussed in chapter 24).

1. Discuss how the PSQRD framework might have been better used during this project’s planning phase to identify strategies that promote the adoption and use of the technology.

2. How might this framework have led to more significantly improved patient outcomes?

Each student must respond to at least 1 other student post.

Student to respond:

Project planning phases always call for identifying strategies that promise the required outcomes of the project. In the smart forms application, the planning phase requires using the Patient Safety and Quality Research Design (PSQRD) framework to develop strategies that can promote the adoption and use of the technology. PSQRD aims at guiding the implementation and evaluation of IT interventions in the healthcare sector. In the smart forms applications, PSQRD can be used in areas of implementation and performance improvement. Regarding implementation, PSQRD is relevant in describing the necessary measures to integrate the smart forms in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and how best it can fit within the healthcare setup to support documentation of patient records, thereby improving decision making. To understand this, PSQRD has good strategies to integrate decision support systems in clinics as required, thereby making clinical decision support systems more effective in chronic diseases management.

PSQRD is also crucial in identifying strategies to push smart forms technology to improve the performance of the technology. First, it is good to educate clinicians on integrating the technology in their daily operations, including documenting patient details and making clinical decisions. Educating the clinicians will help avoid user challenges of the technology, especially when it comes to coded and sophisticated information and decisions. Second, PSQRD can identify strategies that promote the adoption of the smart forms by increasing the design reach from coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus to both acute as well as chronic health conditions. By doing so, PSQRD will have to improve healthcare outcomes comprehensively, which entails a large number of patients suffering from both acute and chronic health complications and not chronic as the current version.


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