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MSCS 615 ECPI University Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Discussion

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers a convenient way to back up important information. We can easily use it in our personal lives as well as in business. Putting our personal documents, photos, music, and other data into the cloud lets us access our files no matter which computer or mobile device we are using. This mechanism also ensures in the event of hardware failure (i.e. our computer or external storage devices), our data isn’t lost.

Some businesses have migrated to cloud-based computing, while others are hesitant to make the transition. As with any new and evolving technology, cloud computing has its advantages and disadvantages. View the following video to see what Derek Silva, a research analyst with InfoTech, has to say about cloud storage solutions and migration:

  • Evaluating & Migrating to Cloud Storage
  • Written transcript attached “MSCS615 Evaluating & migrating to cloud storage Transcript”

After viewing the video, conduct some research and locate a credible source or an article from a scholarly journal that discusses the pros and cons of cloud-based backup operations for disaster recovery. For this assignment, it may be necessary to find locate and review more than one source.

In a minimum of two full pages, not including title and reference pages, in a Microsoft Word document, make sure to:

  • Explain risk management and disaster recovery in the cloud
  • Provide a brief summary of the article(s) you found that relate to cloud-based backup operations.
  • Analyze the security issues presented in the articles.
  • Compare and contrast cloud-based backup operations, including the pros and cons.
  • Provide your recommendations to address the security issues you have identified. Would it be beneficial for the company to use cloud backup operations for disaster recovery purposes?


Chen, L., Takabi, H., & Le‐Khac, N.‐A. (2019). Security, privacy, and digital forensics in the cloud. Higher Education Press.


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