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MSU Administrative Search Discussion

Essentially, TSA has the right to search us or our belongings in
order for us to get on board an aircraft. Likewise, they have the right
to do additional screening if they believe we are concealing a
prohibited item. There are some people who say they have no right to
do this as it violates the constitution. The 4th amendment
says we are free from search and seizure unless there is a search
warrant or they have some sort of probable cause. They feel since they
haven’t done anything wrong TSA shouldn’t have this authority. They
feel they are law abiding citizens and TSA treats them like criminals”.
Likewise, if they are abiding by the rules and TSA finds something like
drugs, TSA shouldn’t be able to say anything since they are only
allowed to search for prohibited items. They feel like they are in a
“Police State” where they have no rights. Others say it has to be done
to keep everyone safe, just like other things that are regulated like
traffic laws, doctors, bus safety, etc.

Please research the question and provide your thoughts by responding
to this discussion post. Your response should be between 250-750 words
and needs to include at least two citations at the end of the post.
Think of your posting in terms of a contribution to a dialogue, not a
writing exercise. This is particularly important since we don’t meet in
person. Therefore, this is one of the few ways we can generate a
dialog. Make your posts clear and pertinent. Offer clarifying examples
for complex and abstract ideas. Don’t be afraid to include open-ended
questions that invite dialogue in your response. Read the other response
posts to help get an idea on what you want to say on the subject. Feel
free to offer evidence supporting the earlier post or your contrasting
point of view and ask challenging, open-ended questions. Where do you
stand on the subject? Support your answer.


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