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MSU Consequences of the 9 11 Attacks Discussion

What were the real consequences of the 9/11 attacks?  Many in this  class are too young to remember where you were or what you were doing  when this attack occurred. While you may have learned of the attacks  from history, have you ever thought about all those affected by that  economic impact?  It wasn’t just airline employees affected, it’s an  impact that rippled through society and is still felt in some ways by  people and business outside the aviation today. 

It’s true it took the airline industry several years to recover;  however, both small and large business also suffered from reduced  travel.  Small business suffered as passenger travel was restricted due  to fear.  As small business suffered so did larger business that relied  on the smaller ones for goods and services.   Countless people in all  sorts of industry lost their jobs and livelihoods as a result.  Just  take a minute to think about where those businesses and people would be  today if this attack had not occurred and the US economic machine not  been stifled?  

The way we view our personal liberties has also been affected.   Greater restrictions on security tends to overlap with what many in the  public feel are their rights.  They now go through various machines and  are subjected to much greater scrutiny which to them is contradictory to  what someone living in a free society should be subjected too.

What are your thoughts on the impact from the 9/11 attacks? What  other areas have been affected? Can you elaborate on what was discussed  above? 

Please research the question and provide your thoughts by responding  to this discussion post. The post should be between 250-750 words and  needs to include at least two citations at the end of the post.  Think  of your posting in terms of a contribution to a dialogue, not a writing  exercise. This is particularly important since we don’t meet in person.   Therefore, this is one of the few ways we can generate a dialog.  Make  your posts clear and pertinent. Offer clarifying examples for complex  and abstract ideas. Don’t be afraid to include open-ended questions that  invite dialogue in your response. Read the other response posts to help  get an idea on what you want to say on the subject.  Feel free to offer  evidence supporting the earlier post or your contrasting point of view  and ask challenging, open-ended questions.


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