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MSU Federal Air Marshalls Discussion

FAMS are meant to stop terrorist or other potentially dangerous  actions by passengers when they occur.  But one of the key components of  the program is the conceptual deterrence it is supposed to provide.   The question is does it really work?   It’s hard to say if it stops  terrorists from trying to execute their plans.  That’s because they  don’t tell us.  After 911 the Air Marshall Program was expanded, but  that was going to take some time to hire and train the additional staff  needed.   To solve that problem during that time while they were ramping  up their hiring and training, other agencies stent volunteers to act as  Air Marshalls.   We know they are out there, but how many flights are  they on? For example, did you hear of air Marshalls intervening with  Richard Reed the Shoe Bomber in December of 2001?  Or how about Umar  Farouk Abdulmutallab the underwear bomber in December of 2009?  There  are some that say it’s not a detergent due to the number of flights they  are not on.  Yet others say it is because they feel safer knowing one  could be on their flight.   Where do you stand on the subject?  Support  your answer.

Please research the question and provide your thoughts by responding  to this discussion post. Your response should be between 250-750 words  and needs to include at least two citations at the end of the post.  Think of your posting in terms of a contribution to a dialogue, not a  writing exercise. This is particularly important since we don’t meet in  person.  Therefore, this is one of the few ways we can generate a  dialog.  Make your posts clear and pertinent. Offer clarifying examples  for complex and abstract ideas. Don’t be afraid to include open-ended  questions that invite dialogue in your response. Read the other response  posts to help get an idea on what you want to say on the subject.  Feel  free to offer evidence supporting the earlier post or your contrasting  point of view and ask challenging, open-ended questions.


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