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Mt Vernon Nazarene University Biblical Perspectives for Health Care Professionals


Biblical Timeline- Due Week 5, this timeline project provides opportunity for you to demonstrate a grasp of the full scope of progression in God’s Plan of restoration and salvation. It is a visual representation of the significant biblically historic events, in chronological order. Your text Bible contains an example you might fine helpful as a model. 

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FORUM 5: WHO’S YOUR DADDY?by Virginia Newman – Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 2:16 PMNumber of replies: 0

Relationships in today’s society are usually more about what one can receive and benefit from the relationship instead of the care and benefits one gives in a relationship. It appears that familial ties are only important if that gives something to you in today’s society. In God’s concept biological and spiritual familial ties are what allows one to be secure and know who one is. Unfortunately in today’s society many do not have security in knowing to whom they belong and the support from those they belong to. So many in today’s society do not even know who their father is and if they do they may not have a close bond with one or the other parent. This lack of relationship with one of one’s parents is showing up in how each generation seems to become more broken and shattered. Lack of belonging and the security that arises from belonging to another group of humanity that should protect and love you is devastating to humanity.

Being a child of God means that no matter what God is responsible as my Father to care for my every need. This does not mean that my every desire is instantly satisfied. God is such a good Father and He is all knowing so He only grants the desires that will serve in our best interest as well as provide glory and honor to Himself. Belonging to the Heavenly Father ensures that one will never be alone and all of one’s needs will be met, this provides the best security to any human being.




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