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MTSU Aviation Communication Errors Result in Catastrophic Consequence Memorandum

Write a six or seven paragraph memo regarding your research topic choice. Use the example as the guide for you (The content of your proposal will be slightly different.) Your topic should deal with a current problem in your major field of study or a scientific field that interests you.

1. Follow the memo formatting directions your instructor has given you.

2. The first block paragraph, labeled Introduction, should begin with a topic sentence that clearly states the topic you will pursue. The following sentences should thoroughly complete the following tasks:

  • Provide a brief overview of the topic, just to orient your reader.
  • Be clear about why this study is needed: Establish its significance.
  • Report some facts that you already know about this problem.

3. Your second paragraph will be labeled Statement of Problem. The topic sentence of this paragraph should concisely summarize the whole problem. This block will go on to discuss the major implications of the problem. Feel free to consider the past, present, and future consequences, if applicable. Examine cause and effect relationships where applicable.

4. Your third paragraph will be labeled Proposed Solution(s). Begin by stating a possible solution. (This might be the one you deem most feasible at this point, but keep yourself open to multiple solutions as you continue your research.)

5. Your fourth paragraph should be labeled Scope. The topic sentence of this paragraph should provide a transition into a list. Using bullets, list at least six major questions about this topic that you need to pursue in order to thoroughly support your proposed solution or solutions.

6. The fifth paragraph should be labeled Methods. As specifically as possible, explain how your plan to complete your research and answer the questions above. What have you done so far? Keep in mind that the majority of your sources should be journals (trade or scholarly). You must prove that you have research support for your topic. Include a list of at least three current sources from professional publication that you have found. The list should in APA format.

7. The Conclusion should restate the significance of the problem, remind your readers of the proposed solution or solutions and the paper’s purpose.

my topic is aviation communication errors


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