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MU Comparison of Sri Lanka Economic Performance Analysis

We have covered in class and in the readings gross national income (GNI) per capita, the Human Development Index (HDI), and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  This assignment will ask you to compare a country’s performance on multiple measures, comparing a purely economic measure (GNI per capita) with ones more geared toward to human welfare (HDI and MDGs) beginning in 1990. 

Once you have received approval from the instructor to work on a country, you are to produce a one-two page summary of per capita GNI of the country and two other development indicators. 

Data on GNI per capita are found are found in GNI data here, (????????) figures on the MDGs are found at MDG figures here,  (????????)and stats on HDI may be found at HDI data here (????????).  Select one indicator from among the MDGs for your country and one from the components of the HDI for your country.

Your report, which is not to exceed two pages (including graphics), should include: 1. graphs of GNI per capita (PPP constant 2017 international $) and the two indicators you have chosen.  Each graph should be original.  Make it yourself using Excel from downloaded data. Again, we are interested only in the period beginning in 1990 and running for as long as data are available for each indicator.

If you are unfamiliar or rusty with making graphics from data in Excel, a tutorial is available here Excel Quick and Simple Charts Tutorial (????????).

Do not copy and paste a graph made elsewhere or use a graph making tool on a web site. The graphs should also be professionally presented, clearly labeled, and properly cited.  2.  a short narrative making an argument as to whether, given the evidence you have presented, GNI per capita seems like a good indicator of well-being as defined by your two indicators. 


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