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MU Magnum Social Media Marketing Ice Cream Industry Essay

The assignment is a report of maximum 2000 words, you must choose a company with a strong social media presence. Below is the information that must go into the paper. Please do let me know if there are any questions. HARVARD REFERENCING STYLE)

1. Short description of the company profile, including the following:
o Where is the company located?
o What is the company’s image / how does the company see itself (i.e., traditional,
conservative, hip, trendy, etc.)?
o Products/ Services that the company offers
o Price range of the offered products/ services
o Focus markets /regions
o General target audience description (segmentation) with most important
factors of demographics, psychographics, behavioral and geographic

2. Definition of social media goals and KPI’s
o What are your defined social media goals?
o What do you want to achieve with your social media presence?
o What are the KPI’s you defined to measure the success of your social media

3. Audience Analytics (Targeting)
o Define and work out two (social media) personas from your target audience and
present them in detail.
Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2020-2021
Page | 3

4. Social Media Marketing Plan
o Which social media channels will you focus on? (i.e., Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) Your decision must be based on the respective target
audience analytics from existing statistics found on the Internet or provided
during the course.
o Posting strategy: what do you post when, how, where?

5. Social Media Content Plan
o Provide an exemplary content plan for your social media channels for two weeks
o What tools do you choose for the automation of your posts?

6. Social Media Example Posts
o Create one exemplary post per persona (two posts in total)
o The posts should include an exemplary text that explains how you address your
target audience and one type of illustration (picture, video, gif, etc.) that fits the
o The two social media posts should be from different channels (not both for


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