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MUS 15 College of San Mateo Music Appreciation Final Exam Study Guide Question

Choose one (1) bullet pointed question from the final exam study guide and answer it fully. Your answer should be more than a single sentence and should address all parts of the question. You should also try to choose a question that has not yet been answered by your peers when possible.

Then, choose one question that you are unsure about from the study guide that you are unsure about and post it to your forum response. You will need to respond to at least one (1) of your classmates’ post to receive full credit for this response.


The question that I could best provide the answer for the study guide is:

Where would Colin McPhee’s Tabuh-tabuhan fall on the spectrum of exoticism and why?

On the the spectrum of exoticism, Colin McPhee’s Tabuh-tabuhan is transcultural composing. First thing that stand out is the title of the work which is a combination of Indoneisan and Italin terms in the title. Second Colin McPhee is trying to show the audience that the different ways of gamelan music has the similar principles to Western music. This work is consisited of two pianos and orchestra. In the movement 1, it contains elements from gamelan style, for example extended percussion section and melodies taken from traditional music. Also in the lecture, Colin MecPhee states that “Tabuh-tabuhan makes much use of Balinese musical material…Balinese and composed motifs, melodies and rhythms have beenfused to make a symphonic work…and this partly influenced me in planning the form of the work.”

The question that I am unsure about is:

Why did Grant-Still incorporate jazz elements into his Afro-American Symphony? How does this work fit into ideas of imagined Africa as well as white racial frames? In what ways is the performance context of Grant-Still’s piece similar to that of the Cotton Club?


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