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MVCC Global Community Intervene in States Committing Genocide Essay

The Exploratory Essay

Write a first-person chronological account of the evolution of your thinking about an issue or problem as you research various sources and different views. The exploratory essay presents an opportunity to deepen your information literacy and critical thinking skills while pursuing a question of genuine personal interest. Rather than taking a definitive stance on an issue and sealing off opposing views, the thinking processes privileged in this essay hinge on curiosity and openness.

Why should global community have a responsibility to intervene in states committing genocide?

Introduction (one to two paragraphs)Establish what your question is and why you are personally interested in it.Explain how your question is complex, problematic, and significant.Present relevant background on your issue.

Your First SourceIntroduce your first source and show why you started with it.Provide background info about the source (type & name of source, author

credentials, publication values or mission, date of publication).Summarize the source’s content and argument.Respond to this source with both believing and doubting points, showing

your critical engagement.Talk about what this source contributes to your understanding of your

question: How has your understanding about your question changed? What

value does this source have for you? What is missing from this source that

you want to consider further?

Your Second SourceRepeat the process with a new source selected to advance the inquiry.Explain why you selected this source (to find an alternative view, pursue a

related question, find more data, etc.).Summarize the source’s argumentRespond to the source’s ideas through believing and doubting, showing

your critical engagement.Look for points of agreement and disagreement with other sources.Show how your cumulative reading of sources is shaping your thinking or

leading to more questions.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth SourcesContinue exploring views or sources

ConclusionConclude your exploration by explaining where you are now in your

thinking and how your understanding of your problem has changed.Present your current answer to your question based on all that you have

learned so far, or explain why you still can’t answer your question, or

explain what research you might pursue further.


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