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My Dream Job Podcast Script

Review these resources about developing a podcast.

“How to Make Your Podcast Stand Out in a Crowded Market” by Roberta Kwok

How to – Radio & Podcasting – Recording

Choose a Topic 

  • Music Genre, Artist, or Album: Write a podcast script in which you will teach your audience about a specific music genre, artist, or album. Using the rhetorical devices, persuade your listeners that  the genre, artist, album is noteworthy, . (Do not use copyrighted music in your podcast.)

Dream Job:  Write a podcast script in which you will teach your audience about aspects of your dream job. For example, if you want to be a marine biologist, persuade your listeners that marine biology is an excellent career, using the rhetorical devices. Do Research

  • Find at least three (3) credible sources to include in your podcast. 

Plan how your will incorporate and use these sources to support your ideas and to provide evidence. You will use quotations, statistics, and other salient information from these sources in your podcast.

*Important: Use the CRAAP Test (The CRAAP Test – Evaluating Sources – Research Guides at Benedictine University Library) to help you choose academic sources that are appropriate for the rhetorical situation. 

Draft a Script

Beginning: Begin the script with the title and date of the podcast. Introduce the topic and the speakers in an inviting and engaging way. 

  • Main Points: State, support, and persuade your audience. Use sources you find on the internet to support your opinions. Include a reference to the source within the sentence. Use signal phrases to introduce a reference to the article. (For more tips on incorporating quotes, see UNC’s webpage on Quotations.)

Ending: End creatively. 

  • Format the Script

Format the text of your script like the one you looked at for the podcast “The Haunting Effects of Going Days Without Sleep.” 

Sources: Add a Works Cited list at the end of your script. Include citations for all sources, including the sound bytes.

Sound: Find 2-3 sound bytes for your podcast. Choose sounds that are NOT copyrighted. See this Creative Commons web page of Image, Video and Audio Resources that includes a long list of suggested sound websites. Scroll down the page to the Audio Resources section. Indicate where each sound byte will be in the script. Use parentheses to show the sound location and include a description of the sound, for example (Soundbite of Applause).


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