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My God Its Full of Stars Essay

From “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” choose a stanza upon which to focus. Be sure to answer the questions central to the section (see below). Spend some time exploring allusions and imagery in the stanza you have chosen. Write at least 300 words explaining the meaning of the allusions or imagery and how you interpret them within the stanza and, ultimately, in the poem as a whole. Pay particular attention to any italicized lines. Feel free to add memes, videos, photos, or any other relevant information relating to your stanza.

Submit your analysis (including the answers to your section’s questions below) plus any memes, videos, photos, etc. for “My God, It’s Full of Stars” here. Your final compilation should be in essay format with all of your ideas fully integrated and connected.

Section 1.

What is the “it” in the first line of the poem, and to what all does she compare “it” throughout this section? Which comparison do you find to be the most effective or do you relate to the most and why?

Section 2.

Explain the conversation the narrator has with Charlton Heston. What is the scene and setting? Why does she include it? Why is it significant? What does it mean? What allusions does she make?

Section 3.

Explain the mystery of space. Does she think we are alone? What answers does she seek? Does she find any answers? Who has the answers? Explain the importance of her dad appearing in the end of this stanza. What significance does his appearance have or what does it mean?

Section 4.

Watch the short video clip of the 2001 Space Odyssey scene in our module. She is writing about this scene in Section 4. Why does she include it? What kind of journey is Dave on? How does this relate to the poet and the theme of the poem?

Section 5.

Explain the allusions and cultural references she uses in this section. Why does she include each one? What is the meaning or significance of each one? What happens at the end of the poem, and how does that circle back around to the beginning of the poem? By the end of the poem, does she have new meaning for the “it” from line one in Section 1?

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