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Nassau Community College Disability Studies Discussion

Answer at least three of the following questions & respond or comment to a classmate. both responses needs to be 250 words each.

1.) Why do you think I am asking you to think in terms of “disability studies”? What do you think that discipline encompasses?

2.) How is Lars treated within the community? By his own family? Why?

3.) What do you think is “wrong” with Lars?

4.) Do you think Bianca is “real”? What does that mean?

5.) Is this a version of the hero’s journey? How so or not?

.6) What stands out to you about the doctor’s approach to Lars? Who is she treating and do you think her approach is “correct” or fitting?

7.) What ideas in the readings do you find compelling?




Lars is treated in the community as a shy man who keeps to himself and there are some who make fun of him and are crude to him but most of the community still tries to include him such as them willing to treat Bianca as a real woman by dressing her up, saying hello to her, and involving her in the town to help him open up and speak to more people and although his father was distant with him and Gus leaving and only coming back for his share of the house when their father died his brother’s wife tries to include him in their lives and try to get him to open up and be more social and Gus apologizes to Lars for leaving him with their father and tells Lars that sometimes to be a man you need to do the right thing even if it hurts you and this shifts Lars dependence from Bianca a lot and gets him to open up much more than he ever had.


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