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National Identity as a Base for Inequality Presented in Dracula and Shackles Comparative Essay

(compare and contrast paper)1) Description: for this essay, you will compare and contrast two novels*. You can choose between the following novels: ?  Bram Stoker’s Dracula?  Colum McCann’s Transatlantic?  Tana French’s Broken Harbor*You can substitute a short story for one novel. Choose between Ifedinma Dimbo (“Grafton Street of Dublin”), Melatu Okorie (“Shackles”) or a text referenced in Dr. Muhall’s talk (I’ve posted these on Canvas under “Modules”). Please note that your essay cannot be a comparison of 2 short stories; you have to include at least one novel from the above list! In your essay you will construct an original argument supported by your analysis of these 2 texts. While you’ll determine the precise topic of your  paper,  your  broader  focus  should  be  on  the  issues  related  to diversity, inequality and/or national identity. Thus, for example, you could  focus  on  the  private/public  dichotomy  as  represented  in Broken Harbor  and Dracula  in  order  to  investigate  issues  of  inequality  and identity. You’re not allowed to consult any texts or websites outside the ones listed above. However, in case you feel that you need to use an outside source to give more context or supply background information, you can  reference  any  of  the  presentation  articles.  The  full  list  of presentation  articles  is  on  Canvas  under  “Pages,”  and  all  of  these articles can be accessed through JSTOR. Please note that your essay cannot be a broad list of similarities and/or differences between these two texts. Instead, you will have to identify a narrower point/theory that you are going to concentrate on. Remember to keep your conclusions firmly grounded in these texts, supporting your assertions with evidence from the text. In other words, do NOT summarize (or list examples of X, Y, Z in both) but ANALYZE!2) Length, citation format etc.: 5-6 pages, MLA3) Academic Honesty: Avoid Googling in preparation for this essay. Ideas used from sources not cited or passages of any length taken from someone else without quotation marks or adequate paraphrase and citation will constitute plagiarism, resulting either in F for the paper or for the course. All essays will be analyzed by plagiarism software upon submission to Canvas.4) Deadlines:5/5 (Wednesday): in-class workshop (prior to class post a draft on Canvas!)5/14 (Friday): your essay is due @ 10:30 AM on Canvas on the day of the final exam5) Expectations:A strong essay? “hooks” the audience with its opening and leaves them thinking with its closing? has a strong thesis that conveys the gist of your argument. Although this is an analysis, you’re still putting forward an argument. In other words, you cannot “just analyze” without putting forward a strong central point? includes textual evidence (quotations from the text) to strengthen your claims? employs transitions that will help the reader to follow the logic of your argument? correctly uses MLA format both for in-text citations as well as for the works cited page ? avoids being descriptive. Do not summarize the play/novel: you need to formulate your own theory about the text! When you have a specific goal in mind, it is easier to avoid simply describing the novel or the short story. 


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