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Nature of Human Consciousness Therapeutic Practices Discussion

Reflect on your current understanding of the nature of human consciousness. As we look to the future of therapeutic practices in the broad field of psychology, what do you see? Support your thoughts with references from this course or anywhere else in the literature in the book The Spectrum of Consciousness + articles attached.

I could nto attached all artilces, Will do it when you accept.

400 words.Below you will find 2 ideas. But elaborate on the Nature of Human Consciousness

Class notes:

This week we will give ourselves space to consider the evolution of this spectrum of consciousness and how our understanding of the process of successive dualistic fragmentation can inform our approach to healing and integration of these fractured parts of the Self. We have spent the past eight weeks exploring the development of a unified theory of human consciousness through the lens of psychology. We have looked at the systematic progression of alienation from Absolute Subjectivity to the formulation of a separate Self and the journey back to wholeness through level-specific psychotherapeutic approaches.

This area of study has grown tremendously since the inception of the Spectrum of Consciousness, particularly in the Existential and Transpersonal bands. With the growing scientific support of the nature of the body’s role in developing and healing trauma, anxiety spectrum, and depressive disorders, an increasing body of therapeutic approaches is evolving. They are further seeking integration from contemplative traditions.

The interest in seeking integration of previously conflicting views of consciousness is gaining both momentum and enthusiasm. From neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology to treatment protocols, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), western psychology seeks to further integrate eastern therapeutic approaches such as vipassana (mindfulness), asana practices of Hatha Yoga, and ecopsychology into mainstream practices. While on the one hand, it appears as though we are moving toward deeper integration of spirit and psyche—a shift toward seeking resolution of the primary Self/Other duality, there is another more reductionist science taking hold with the study of the brain as the source of consciousness, cultivating a strengthening of this primary dualism. As we look to the future of therapeutic practices in the broad field of psychology, what do you see? Further split—or further integration?

Now that you have some familiarity with the foundational perspective on a Spectrum of Consciousness, it is time to pull back a bit, digest, and reflect. How does the Spectrum of Consciousness inform your understanding of the nature of human consciousness?

My ideas:


-In the 20’s people did not jog in the streets. It was a taboo. Today, you can see everyone jog, it is acceptable. Same thing with therapy. Just two decades ago it was something that only troubled people needed, I think that today it is more acceptable in the western world. Although not by all, but more.

-Dealing with addiction have the same progress

-And now I believe that helping with people who are affected by others who are dealing with addiction.

-I can see more ways to therapy, which were not accepted before this decade. This is why I chose to take this program. The old school of psychotherapy is not the only way. For example, past life regression, group therapy, Alanon etc…


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