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NC Exploring opportunities in Regrets Key to a happy life Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Instructions:

Your Annotated Bibliography (AB) assignment should consist of one (1) academic article from the NLC database that you plan to use in your argument/research essay. The AB should feature the following information:

1. A creative, original title that coordinates with the title/topic of your argument/research essay 2( topic: Is it possible to live a life without regrets? Maybe not completely, but it is certainly possible to minimize regrets. Discuss what causes regrets and what mindset, strategies, habits, or choices one should implement in order to build a life with few regrets).

Your “working” thesis statement (for your essay; NOT the article)
3. An accurate MLA citation for the research article(s) you found (there is a “cite” tool in the database; click on it and choose the MLA citation; copy and paste and then add “Accessed Day Month Year. Ex: 10 November 2019.)

4. An annotation (paragraph) that includes the following information (think APP+R):

A. What’s the article about?
Give its title, the author’s name, and the article’s main idea. (1-2 sentences)

B. What’s the point of the article?
Give a brief 2-3 sentence summary of the entire article. In this section, think and discuss the kind of evidence the author uses to support his or her idea. It’s more of a discussion of how the author supports his/her point rather than mentioning every key detail)

C. What’s the proof?
Give at least one quote from the article (with in-text citation) that is relevant to your essay’s argument/sub-arguments.
And explain how that quote will function in your essay in one or two sentences.

D. Reflect on the article and its credibility.
 Does the author have degree(s) in the article’s subject matter? State degree
 Is the author associated with a reputable university or college? State position  How many sources does the article cite? Look for a Reference page at the end

of the article; or see how many footnotes are included) State how many are cited

for more information: Annotated Bibliography Instructions and Example Updated Apr2020.pdf


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