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NC State Licensing and Certification in Nursing Homes Paper

  • Discussion Board Assignment Content: Chapter 10 of the text discusses a broad definition of long term care and identifies seven essential characteristics that shape long term care in the United States. After identifying these characteristics and reading to learn more about each of them, post your responses to the following questions using the discussion forum:
    1. Select two (2) of the essential characteristics of long-term care discussed in the text. Define and describe each one selected.
    2. Of the seven characteristics identified, which one do you believe to be the most important from the patient/patient family perspective? Why?
    3. Of the seven characteristics identified, which one do you believe needs the most attention or improvement as the long term care sector continues to rapidly grow in the United States due to the aging population? Why?
    4. Assignment Details:
    • Click on this link or use the Collaboration menu button to access the Ch. 10 Discussion Board.
    • Post an informative and thorough original post addressing the three posed questions above. Be sure to include the question number for each response. 
    • Post an original response and respond to at least one (1) of your classmates’ posts.
    • Original posts and responses must be informative, accurate, thorough and complete. Research the topics first so you have something to say!
    • Do not plagiarize; summarize and paraphrase the information you research and use in this assignment.
    • Use correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
    • View Rubric to see the grading criteria for this assignment.
    • Chapter 10 addresses the fact that nursing homes are heavily regulated through licensure and certification requirements. Based on your reading regarding these topics, create a Word document and provide responses to the following three questions:1. Define and describe licensure as it relates to nursing homes.2. Define and describe certification as it relates to nursing homes.
      3. Research North Carolina specific nursing home licensure requirements and detail your research findings.  Your response should be a minimum of four (4) sentences and you should include a full web link to support your source of information.
      Assignment Details:


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