Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Hello Doc and classmates,

As we approach the end of this intriguing yet challenging course, we are asked to reflect on what the study of humanities has contributed to us personally and professionally. Each week we were asked to tackle discussion topics and assignments that required deep, critical thought and evaluation. From this, we gained knowledge and skill we may have previously lacked. Humanities is often overlooked and taken for granted, but after completing humanities, I feel strongly that citizens with a well rounded education help society flourish properly. Now we are more knowledgeable of our history, cultures, languages, and of humans in general.

On a personal level, I will take away a new perspective on the world. I was very unsure of myself when presented with such topics in the beginning of this course. For example, we jumped from week 2 where we were asked to comment on the greek and roman architectural influences on contemporary society and also the reason behind their creation, to week 4 reflecting on the industrial revolution. I will admit, being asked to stare at infrastructure and analyze its meaning and influence was new for me. I often thought, how will this benefit me? I ended up realizing the importance of analyzing infrastructure and ancient art that was created many moons ago. These creations reveal how people had tried to make intellectual, moral, and spiritual sense of the world. They are also a reflection of past history, cultures, and languages, that we may not have known anything about if it wasn’t for these creations that are still standing today. It is beautiful that we are able to dissect a piece of art, and learn so much from the artist and time period it was created in. I believe that if we are educated on the world and its histories, we are more accepting of the people we share it with. This is very important.

On a professional level, I will take away communication skills, empathy, equality, and knowledge about people. As a (future) nurse, my job is to delicately and professionally come into contact with people who are not at their best. Humanities fosters proper bedside manner and critical thinking skills to provide the best care possible for our (future) patients. Health care could benefit from being more inclusive of the practices that humanities provides. For example, many times we openly connected on a personal with each other through providing stories, knowledge, and background. We shall take this skill and apply it to nursing, to connect with our patients. As Eric Hall (2014) stated, “not everybody knows how to tell a story — or listen to one — and many people involved in health care may not even think of their patients in terms of a life story.” Our patients are human, and we must never view them as a task. Yes we must give strong focus to the medicine side of healthcare, but we mustn’t neglect the “human side” of healthcare. Humanities, can improve healthcare and the patient experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the healthy environment we all created where sharing opinions and past experiences was done without judgment. Thank you all for participating in discussions with me, and furthering my knowledge. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Remember, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela.


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