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New York Institute of Technology Old Westbury Week 2 Mentorship Report and Article Analysis

Assignment Content


  1. Identify and secure a mentor for this class. Make a formal, written request to a candidate to mentor you. Include all the elements you want from a good mentorship in your request. Key examples are:
    • The commitment of time (minimum of 50 hours over the 8 weeks)
    • Your expectations of them (advice, opportunities, etc.)
    • Submit a signed agreement by you and your mentor attesting to their agreement of the mentorship.
      Prepare a document that includes a protocol checklist and interview questions you will use to interview your mentor. Protocol checklist examples include:
    • Length of time for the interview
    • Location for the interview (their office may not be the best place for no interruptions)
    • Whether interruptions will be allowed for either of you
    • Can you record the interview?
    • The interview questions can be open or close ended. Open ended questions allow them to provide any type of answer. Close ended questions give them answer choices. The questions should seek to discover:
    • General behaviors or skills they use as a leader
    • Specific behaviors or skills they used in a situation 
    • Use the assignment from Week 2 to guide the actual questions you will use.Submit your signed agreement, interview protocol checklist and interview questions.Conduct your interview
      Find an article that interests you that is related to leadership and followership. It can be any focus area related to leader influence on follower performance.Use the interview from Week 1 to complete this assignment. In a 1-2-page paper, summarize your interview findings on the leadership style(s) used by your mentor in a specific situation. Include why they chose those styles. Address the following:
    • How would they describe their leadership style and how does it affect the organization?
    • What was the situation they had to deal with and why? (You can ask for more than one situation.)
    • How did they handle the situation and why?
    • What influence did their actions have on followers’ perceptions and performance?
    • Would they change any of the actions they employed and why?
    • What advice would they provide to those who might experience the same type of situation?   


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