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New York Medical College Advancing Alcohol Research in Low Income Essay

Toxicant Paper Assignment Instructions

To-Do Date: Jun 20 at 12:00pm

The focus of this assignment is to discuss your opinions and ideas of how you would go about minimizing exposures to the toxicant of interest. 

Please choose a toxicant from any of the following lectures:

Ionizing / non-ionizing radiation

Pests and Pesticides

Environmental disease and toxic substances

Some examples include: x-rays, alcohol, HPV, ultraviolet light, cigarette smoke (primary, second hand or third hand), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, asbestos, benzidines, PCB’s, phthalates, bisphenol A, lead, mercury, various pests, pesticides and radon.

Instructions: Start a new discussion with your toxicant in the subject line.   If your toxicant of interest is already taken, please choose another.  In order to prevent duplicates, please post a new discussion as soon as you choose your topic, especially if you will not be writing your response right away.  Please upload the report a word file or PDF, this makes it easier to review and grade. The paper should be no longer than 4 double spaced pages (excluding references).

Write a report describing:

1. The toxicant of interest (what it is, what are the effects) (up to 20 points)

2. The route of exposure that you are addressing. (up to 20 points)

3. Your ideas of how the particular exposure can be minimized on either a personal, workplace, local, national or even global level.  This should take at least 2 paragraphs.  Please do not say “I plan to quit smoking, drinking, etc.” that’s too easy! 🙂 (up to 50 points)

Your post/paper should consist of: 1/4 describing toxicant and its effects, 1/4 describing the routes of exposure, then the remainder of the post consists of your ideas and opinions of how exposures can be minimized.  

As with the pamphlet assignment, you will be required to comment or ask questions regarding your classmates’ posts.  You must also respond (meaningfully- for example, “I agree, that’s a good idea” – is NOT a meaningful response) to two or more of your classmates opinions.

Your initial writing will be worth up to 90 points (40 points for parts 1 and 2 combined, 50 points for your opinion section), and your subsequent discussion questions and answers will be worth an additional 10 points. 


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