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New York Medical College Module 1 Health Behavior Intervention Discussion

Before we can begin planning a communication intervention, we need to know who we are targeting.

This stage of the planning can go by a few names- population profile, population analysis, audience profile, or more. But the concept is the same: whom is the population we are going to be targeting with this intervention?

Using the same health behavior you selected and wrote about in Module 1. Or, pick a different health behavior. However, if you stick with the same health behavior, you can use your work here for your final project.

Further analyze which populations are affected by your health behavior, and pick a subpopulation that you’d like to target with a health communication intervention via social media.

To complete this post, you will need to some research on the populations affected by the health behavior. Using Google Scholar or the NYMC Library, find at least two academic articles that discuss your selected subpopulation in the context of your health behavior. If you can’t find at least two articles, that’s a sign that there isn’t enough data for you to build an intervention on (in the context of this course) , and you should select a different subpopulation.

Answer the following questions:

  • What subpopulation did you select?
    • Describe the demographics of this population- what are their ages, ethnicity, geographic location, education levels.
  • What are the prevalence levels of this health behavior among your subpopulation?
  • What are the prevalence levels of one negative outcome of this health behavior among your subpopulation?
  • Why do you think this health behavior is prevalent among your chosen subpopulation?
    • Describe at least two factors or determinants. Examples can include poverty, limited education access, social norms, etc. Consulting some health behavior models will likely help you here.
  • What social media channel/s is this subpopulation most likely to use? Use the Pew Center Research data to find the answer.


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