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New York Medical College Seasonal Affective Disorder in Children Discussion

Assignment 5.1: Combating Depression

ALL students should post your individual Assignment 5.1 (of no less than 400 words and no more than 600 words)  

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your first reply MUST be your assignment, i.e., anyone who posts a reply just to see what other people did before posting an actual assignment will be penalized

anyone with questions shall use the Q & A Forum

Read the following instructions carefully and address the tasks described (12 points):

  • Present the best practices for treating at least one form of depression (i.e. major depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, etc.) in one specific population (i.e. senior citizens, the homeless, children, people with a specific diagnosis [i.e. diabetes, HIV/AIDS, alzheimer’s, etc.], etc.).  “Best practices” means the most effective means of treatment as we currently know them from evidence in the scientific literature combined with “real world” experience in health promotion or clinical practice. 

Be sure to include in your presentation:  A  brief description of the form(s) of depression you are focusing on, including any epidemiological statistics you can find that define the magnitude of the problem, etiology, and outcomes if left untreated.
A characterization of the population you have chosen, including any statistics you find particular to this group, a description of how serious the problem is for them, and any specific biopsychosocial factors involved in the etiology of the disorder for this population.
Where treatment may be sought out and administered: what is the most common setting for this group and what type of clinicians treat them.
The treatments that seem to work best for this population as supported by the scientific literature with any statistics you can find on success rates; you should investigate different treatments from various disciplines and you may also include any future trends in treatment that are being studied.


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