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New York University CSR Initiative Discussion

1. Review some of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives submitted by your peers in Post A.

2. Select one of your peer’s initiatives. Identify the peer and the CSR initiative. Discuss in what ways this initiative would be appropriate for the United States as is, or in what ways it may have to be adapted. Justify your thinking.

3. Propose two ways to encourage more people in the United States to engage in a CSR initiative with the same purpose as the one your peer identified.

Post A

1. Accurately complete the Int’l Corporate Social Responsibility.

Quiz completed

2. Find an example of a company in Kazakhstan that engages in a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Include the weblink.

Halyk Bank has several social missions to include the timely payment of pensions to financing projects to improve children’s health care and education. Additionally, Halyk supports and provides funding for Kazakhstan culture, art, and professional sports, as well as environmental protection and care for children left without parental care

Halyk Bank CSR (Links to an external site.)

3. What is the purpose of that company’s initiative (what are they trying to accomplish). Classify the purpose of their initiative as either ethical, environment, or social. Justify your response. Describe what the company does for their initiative? Include an image if one is available.

The initiative(s) of Halyk Bank straddle social and ethical nature aspects of CSR. Halyk initiates social CSR because they improve the quality of life for the less fortunate, and people in general, through advocating for healthy and balanced lifestyles that enrich the mind and body. And ethically, because Halyk opts to do the aforementioned in addition to taking the initiative to ensure pensions are paid, hence taking up some of the ethical slack where other entities may not.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 2.19.35 PM.png

Halyk Bank, enriches the minds and bodies of the people of Kazakhstan through CSR.


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