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New York University Functional Fitness Questions

    • 2-3 sentences for each question and the bullet point
    • Read Chapter 8: Functional Fitness
      • How often are you including Functional Fitness elements in your weekly workouts?
        • If you are: describe what components listed in the chapter that you regularly perform
          • After reading this chapter, do you feel you include enough or need more?
        • If you are not: discuss why not and what importance you see in this type of training now learning about it.
      • Create a functional fitness plan including at least 8 exercises (indicate sets, reps and time (if they are timed exercises) you learned from this reading into your workouts
        • **Complete this plan at least once before you hand in this assignment and write a reflection on your experience in each of the exercises:
          • Include a write up of your plan, name of exercises, what the purpose is and then reflect on your experience through each exercise and in the workout overall. Be sure to list changes that need to be made; things that happened that you did not expect or were surprised by.
      • Complete the 4-Stage Balance Test
        • Reflect on experience and where you fall in the standards listed on the next page
      • Edgren Side Step Test:
        • After reading the directions and preparing your course, take a guess as to how many markers you will cross in the 10 seconds.
          • Don’t worry if you don’t have cones to use as markers. You can use anything around the house. Just be sure you perform this standing behind the markers so you do not trip. If you have concerns about completing this assignment, please reach out ahead of time to discuss alternatives.
        • Complete as directed and write a reflection:
          • How did you feel during this test?
        • Complete twice more that day or on separate days before this assignment is due and note:
          • Did your score get better, stay the same, or lessen with each bout? What do you think this was attributed to?

      Workout reflection: Please reflect on the workout you did in the last class: Barre

      1. Describe your experience in detail (Good/bad/fair, most importantly: why)
        1. If you didn’t feel as successful as you hoped, discuss your thoughts about what YOU could do to make your experience better?
        2. If the workout or parts were easy, what could you do next time to challenge yourself?


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