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Night Sky and Light Pollution Question

Assignment: Using the ten articles you found, you will write a literature review that directly answers the three questions that you have developed to research in this assignment. The literature review will be written in APA format, and should be 7 pages long: 1 page for a properly formatted cover page, 5 pages for the double-spaced review, and 1 page for the reference list, also in APA format (note: your reference list is going to be your revised reference list from the previous assignment).

Rubric: Read this rubric to get an idea of what I will be looking for when I grade your paper. There are three categories of descriptors in this rubric. Each has several descriptors listed in the category. In any given category, 3-5 points will be deducted for any problem with each of the listed descriptors. If a problem is particularly egregious, up to 10 points may be deducted.If a problem involves anything to do with documentation of sources or plagiarism, all points on the paper will be deducted.

Category 1: READABILITY(Maximum points: 20)

It is possible for me to read this paper one time through without stopping and having to figure out what you are trying to say (no cause for pause). Please understand, your writing should not tax my reading skills or my patience in any way. Your obligation as a student and a writer is to produce something that can be read smoothly at one sitting. The overall impression is one of a smooth, clear, easy-to-read paper that follows the requirements of the assignment. In a single reading, it is clear that the paper is appropriate in length (7 pages) including a cover page, a reference page, and five double-spaced pages of text.

Sentences are clear and in Standard, North American English. It is understood that the student is not a native speaker of English. The standard here is clear readability with no cause for pause — not perfection! Rules of standard English grammar have been followed with respect to tense consistency, verb form, subject-verb agreement, and the punctuation of sentences.

Spell check has been used and spelling has been reviewed. Words should be used properly with attention to meaning, form and nuance. Paragraphing should be well done and paragraphs should be in the 4-8 sentence range.

There should be no unnecessary repetition of ideas.

Category 2: APA STYLE (Maximum points:20)

APA style is followed to the letter as described in the module.I want to see:

Proper cover page

No abstract

Proper pagination

Proper sub-sectioning.Each section is properly titled and addresses the requirements of the section

Proper placement and general organization of the reference list as well as proper forms of the citations

Proper in-text citations

Proper reference list

Category 3: DEVELOPMENT (Maximum points:60)

The literature review smoothly connects all of the articles that you were supposed to read for this assignment.

The literature review smoothly addresses answers to the three questions you developed for this assignment.

The question-answer connection is clear.

The material in the paper is well documented in APA style, using correct citations.

Why the issue is important is explained.

Critical thinking is demonstrated throughout the paper

Connections between ideas are well made and explained.


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