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NLC Important that A Person Being Aware of His Ignorance Discussion

Please reply the two answers below.


Socrates thinks that the person who is aware of his own ignorance is wiser because knowing your own ignorance gives you the opportunity to learn what you do not already know. It also makes you more aware of what you actually know and what you thought you knew but in reality don’t. Knowing that you do not know certain things makes it easier for you to pick your battles. You can’t argue on something you know nothing about because you can’t expand on other points than what you think you know and even then you could still be talking about it all wrong. Socrates would be referring to true wisdom (Plato, 2020). True wisdom covers what they don’t know. The easiest way for me to think about it is to imagine the knowledge of not knowing cancels out anything you thought you knew but were actually wrong about. I agree with Socrates when it comes to true wisdom. I think a person who knows they do not know as much about a topic is actually quite smart of them. How would they be able to make a valid point when they do not know what they are talking about? If anything they made it easier for those who do know what they are talking about to get their points through and make a difference. 


In Plato’s Euthyphro, we learn that Euthyphro believes it is right to kill his father because he was responsible for the death of his servant. Socrates and Euthyphro develop a dialogue when Socrates asks him what does it mean to be pious. Socrates is philosophical compared to Euthyphro because he is aware that he doesn’t know everything and is trying to get to understand the meaning of pious by conversing with Euthyphro and raising questions based on his (Euthyphro’s) knowledge. Whereas Euthyphro, and his conceit, believes that he knows everything that relates to the gods and pious. The main distinction between the two during their dialogue is that Socrates makes an effort to help Euthyphro see that it is important to figure out what the true meaning of pious is before executing his father. “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it because it is loved by the gods.” (Socrates 2020)

Euthyphro believes that piousness is the act of pleasing their god, however that poses a problem when we involve different religions because an act in one religion might be seen as bad when it is seen as the opposite in another. The true meaning of pious should be independent of any god because the problem of opinions then enters the topic of discussion.


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