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Northeastern University One Sample Test of Mean & Proportion Discussion

Use the provided data set to produce the following outputs. Provide the R codes in the R-script file and an analytical report consisting of tables and written analysis in the Word file.

Note that death is a binary indicator variable that takes the value of 1 if death occurred and 0 if not.

1. Calculate the probability of death (i.e. COVID-19 infection fatality rate) and conduct t-tests of mean or proportion using a hypothesized value. Supposed the national population COVID-19 infection fatality rate during the same period was 0.042. Was the infection fatality rate in Georgia statistically different from the hypothesized national population rate during this period? Use prop.test() and binom.test() for testing the proportion in R.

Repeat the test using t.test( ), which conducts the test of means. This can be done because proportion of death is equal to the mean of a binary variable death. Do you obtain larger or smaller p-values? Which of the three t-test commands [prop.test( ), binom.test( ), and t.test( )] appear to be the most conservative?

2. Conduct multiple one-sample tests of proportion (prop.test and binom.test) for multiple groups. Note that you may need to create two vectors to isolate a group. For example, conducting a test for a male sample and another test for a female sample requires filter( ) into two vectors, and then run a test for each sample. Are they different from the hypothesized national population rate (0.042)? Make decision based on p-value. Do this in R. Provide the null and the alternative hypothesis for each test. Provide the test results in a table and several paragraphs interpreting the results.

Submit a report that examines parts 1 and 2 and your R script. Please export tables instead of screenshots from R.

export test results using broom( ), stargazer( ) or manually. Example codes to export t.test() ” I put it as Appendix”

All packages used need to be written at the beginning. You need to use “#” to mark the purpose of each step.

#install package







The data table should be a csv file, but the website does not allow uploading csv file. I converted the a dataset to excel file. Please convert the data set to a csv file and start working.


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