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Northern Virginia Community College Identify and Examine Different Texts Essay

Identify and Examine Different Texts

Find a news article, a poem, a short story, and a play online. Note: these must be full texts- excerpts and parts of full texts will earn less points.

Make sure you like the text. Read them! Skim the very long plays.

Also, please make sure to include links to the texts.

Explain why this meets the requirements for the type (article, poem, etc.) and why it should be read in class.

We may choose one of your texts to cover in class. I will select at least three of your suggestions for each type, and you can choose which ones you like the most out of those that I selected. I will give a poll during class to decide the winners. The winning texts will be integrated into the class.

Example: Short story – “A&P” by John Updike – This short story is only a few pages long. It is a fictional story that can be analyzed through literary lenses. It should be included in the class because it covers some interesting topics such as sexism and the impulsivity of youth. It also has an unreliable narrator.

Your Relationship with Literature 

What is your relationship with Literature? Please write about your history with literature. Include at least one specific experience.

Write about a literary work that is significant to you. If you cannot think of a literary work, then choose a film you have seen.


Hi, I am Ritika, you can call me Riti. I’m from Nepal. This is my second semester at NOVA. I’m going to NOVA to complete the courses that can later be transferred over to George Mason University, for my bachelor’s degree. I believe that college teaches us important life skills. I think I will get to learn many new things in every course. I will also get to meet different people from different cultural backgrounds and learn more about their cultures. Meeting new people will also help me develop communication skills and also gives me networking opportunities. For me, personally, I think balancing my work and studies is one of the biggest challenges. Being a college student with a full-time job has been a challenge in itself, and this class being condensed to 7 weeks makes it even more challenging.


My name is Artavia (R-Tay-Vee-uh) Palmer. I am in my last semester at NOVA. I decided a few semesters ago to attend NOVA merely out of convenience. I was look for a school in my state that was not to far from home, and that had an easy transfer process to a four year school of my choice. I started NOVA in the substance abuse program. I completed that, and now I am on track to graduate this semester with my AS (associates) of GEN ED (general education). I plan to transfer to UC (University of Cincinatti) and complete my BS( bachelor of science) in Substance Abuse. My personal experience with college helping my life as been teaching me discipline. I don’t necessarily agree that you need a degree to be successful. I have plenty of entrepreneurial friends that have gained success without a degree. I don’t believe intellect is attached to a piece of paper. I do however believe that when you complete college , it shows a certain level of commitment. I know in our world the reality is there are many people, in high places that value the integrity associated with a degree. I am aware a degree can get you in rooms you need to be in, with people you want to talk to. College has made me learn to plan, organize, and sacrafice a lot in my own life. The most challenging part for me is time management. I am an adult student. I work full-time, have, I am in school full time, and also have my family commitments. I find it challenging to give everything my full attention most times. I make due, however most times I don’t know how. I remember my other English class has a lot of papers I needed to write, and I am just hoping taking three other classes this semester I am able to keep up. I do love a challenge though, so mentally I am ready. I truly hope you all have a great semester. I wanted to share this quote I really love and I don’t know whom originated it.


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