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Northern Virginia Community College Irene Alder Character in Sherlock Holmes Essay

Write a Short Essay About the Irene Adler Character

Read the assigned articles about the character of Irene Adler about how she is represented differently in contemporary texts departing from the Conan Doyle original, “A Scandal in Bohemia. ” The articles discuss her representation in the BBC’s recent series Sherlock, and the Sherlock Holmes movies of 2009. You have read the original Conan Doyle story and now have viewed yet another Holmes offshoot, Elementary. Take notes on these articles, zeroing in on major points of interest to you (whether your agree or disagree with the authors). Remember who said what because you will be using these ideas/words in your own writing.

Write an essay examining the Elementary version of Irene Adler in relation to the original story’s character and the BBC’s character. You should have a thesis claim about how you see Irene in Elementary along with supportive details that you describe from the show, comparing her to the other versions of her. Use quotations or paraphrases from the assigned critical articles to enhance your argument. Use correct MLA in-text documentation for your sources and a Works Cited page.

This essay will have at least 4 sources that should show up in your works cited page and in-text citations: “A Scandal in Bohemia,” the BBC’s Sherlock episode, the Elementary episode, and the critical articles about the contemporary version of Irene.

HINT: The most effective essays will have a thesis, supported by quotations directly from the original story and descriptions of specific scenes from Elementary, and Sherlock and your commentary on the quotations/scenes.

Use the critical essays as a theoretical basis for your thesis as well as a way to sprinkle supportive quotations from credible critical sources.

Your final product should be an essay of at least 500 words minimum, including in-text documentation and Works Cited page. Upload your essay to the Assignment link above.

Read: “A Scandal in Bohemia” (Links to an external site.) by Arthur Conan Doyle

Tasks and Materials

View the television episode: Sherlock, “A Scandal in Belgravia” Season 2, episode 1 (BBC). Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Please rent or purchase this episode on your own; it is not available within the course.

View the television episode: Elementary, “The Woman” Season 1, episode 23.(CBS). Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Please rent or purchase this episode on your own; it is not available within the course.

Read: “Irene Adler: How to Butcher a Brilliant Woman Character” (Links to an external site.)

Read: “When Can’t Any Recent Sherlock Holmes Adaptations get Irene Adler Right?”


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