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Northern Virginia Community College Significance Digital Forensic Skills Discussion


please answer the following question in two paragraphs with two links also you can share your opinion or your experience for answering the question :

Of what value would it be to attain a certification in digital forensics?

part 2:

reply one paragraph with one link on each of the following thread :

1-Mustafa Albassam

According to this week’s lecture. Computer Forensics refers to the investigation and analysis of media originating from digital sources in an effort to uncover evidence to present in a court of law. Getting a certification in digital forensics allow the person to assert his or her credibility in the forensics field. Additionally, having the proper certification can validate the integrity of computer forensics professionals. As was mentioned in the lecture, anyone can present themselves as a computer forensic expert, which in turn can lead to poor quality examinations and a negative view of the profession as a whole. Especially, when digital forensic professionals have to present their findings in front of a jury. One way to overcome this issue is by requiring these forensic experts to provide their credentials and professional certifications so they can validate their skills and expertise and show that their work is credible.

Here is a link for the Certified Digital Forensics Examiner program if anyone is interested to learn more about the field!

Thank you

2-Sai Sohila Mantena

As digitalization has taken over the world there is equall rise in thefts, data breaches and cybercrimes as we forward together in this digital world. How does a certification in digital forensic help? Computer forensic is the only effective solution to tackle the current cyber crime situation. Cumputer forensics refers to the evidence obtained from the digital media and computer storage and form a major part of computer investigation and analysis techniques to access the potential legal evidence. Clearly the value of a certificate in digital forensics is tremendous and highly recommended. It leverages the position of the forensic professional when they present themselves as a forensic expert in front of the court. It is not only highly respected and well paid job , its a job of great resposibility as he/she deals with sensitive Information which from the crucial evidence in a court of law.

The different types of digital forensic are-

1)Disk forensics, 2) Netwok forensics, 3)Wireless forensics, 4)Malware forensics, 5)Database forensics, 6)Email forensics, 7)Memory forensics, 8)Mobile phone forensics.

It equally inprotant to recognize the right kind of certification as they are offered by numerous companies with various curriculums. one of the popular and viable option is the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) program by EC-Council.


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