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NR 350 ELAC Literature Search Rapid Critical Appraisal and Summary Worksheet

For this assignment, you will locate two research studies related to the topic and PICOT questions that you developed (will be provided to you). The articles must be current (within the last five years), and one article must be quantitative, and one article must be qualitative. For this assignment all articles must be related to the field of nursing.

Article choice is very important, therefore:

  • Articles used for this assignment cannot be used for the other assignments. The selected articles should be original research studies. Review articles, concept analysis, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, integrative review, and systemic review articles should not be used.
  • Mixed-methods studies should not be used.

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Complete a checklist (will be provided to you)

  • Select one each: qualitative and quantitative research articles.
  • Create a Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklist for the two research articles (one column per article).
  • Complete with brief, concise, summarized information.

Part II: Write a summary (one- to two- pages)

  • Identify differences between quantitative and qualitative designs and research methods.

Topic of the PICOT questions was addiction. Here are the questions:

In teens with drug abuse disorders, how does the use of interventions like health teachings and counseling compared to no protocol influence sobriety and behavior rates over a 16-week post-intervention program?

In adults with a fentanyl abuse history, how effective is the modification of behavior compared to no modification influence reduction of relapse over a 4-month intervention program?

In adults with a chronic alcohol abuse history, how effective is involvement in rehabilitation programs compared to no programs influence increase in periods of sobriety over a 3-month intervention program? 

Also since we cannot use the same articles, here are the articles previously used:

America’s Drug Overdose Epidemic: Data to Action. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Retrieved 23 June 2021, from

Kwako, L. E., Bickel, W. K., & Goldman, D. (2018). Addiction Biomarkers: Dimensional Approaches to Understanding Addiction. Trends in molecular medicine, 24(2), 121–128.

Zou, Z., Wang, H., d’Oleire Uquillas, F., Wang, X., Ding, J., & Chen, H. (2017). Definition of Substance and Non-substance Addiction. Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 1010, 21–41.

Enns, A., & Orpana, H. (2020). Original quantitative research-Autonomy, competence and relatedness and cannabis and alcohol use among youth in Canada: a cross-sectional analysis. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice, 40(5-6), 201. Retrieved from

Mahboub, N., Honein-AbouHaidar, G., Rizk, R., & de Vries, N. (2021). People who use drugs in rehabilitation, from chaos to discipline: Advantages and pitfalls: A qualitative study. PloS one, 16(2), e0245346. Retrieved from… 


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