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NSC 353 University of Arizona Child Nutrition Programs Essay

Part 1 Role of Government Essay 

Visit the USDA website link USDA Food and Nutrition Topics.  Under Food and Nutrition there are a variety of subcategories.  Select one subcategory (some examples are Child Nutrition Programs, Food Waste Activities or Dietary Health).  You are to prepare a 750-word informative essay (minimum of 750 words no more than 1000 words) on this topic.  A link on the components of a good essay is included here but can also be found in the syllabus:  Components of a Good Essay

Your essay is to inform your readers about the topic you have selected.  The purpose of this essay is to explain clearly the key information (listed below) on this topic.  It must be a minimum of five paragraphs.  (One paragraph for the Introduction, three paragraphs for the Body of the essay and one paragraph for the Conclusion.)  Research the topic you have selected and include two references (other than the link you have selected) that are credible and help explain the topic in more detail (for example an article regarding the lack of proper nutrition for children in some U.S. households and the effect of this lack on child development). These references must be cited in-text and in the reference section at the end of the paper according to the APA Quick Citation format: APA Quick Citation Guide

Key information that you should consider including for this essay:

1. Describe the topic you have selected. 

2. Describe the initiatives/programs within this topic.

3. What legislation was passed to create and support these programs? 

4. Are there any key deadlines set by the USDA in addressing this topic (if applicable)?

5. Are there any other government agencies the USDA is working with on this topic (if applicable)?

6. In your conclusion comment on whether you think the action being taken by the USDA is enough in addressing this issue to the point of a solution.  

7. What is one suggestion you would make to the USDA to better address the topic?


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